Outfit of the Day: break it down now

Break it down now funkso brother. Is that how the song goes?? I never catch lyrics - maybe I have serious hearing problems. Anyway, I digress before I've even started.

So, my first outfit of the day, it's only fitting I wear polka-dots in theme with my blog right? Actually, this wasn't intentional. I was running some errands last weekend and literally threw this outfit together in two seconds flat- so unlike me, (not that I usually plan outfits, more like I can never find anything to wear). I ended up loving my outfit for the day, so let me break it down:

New H&M jeans for some colour. I can't usually stand green, but when it comes to clothes, I find certain tones provide an edge to an outfit, whether its a greyey-green, bronzy-green, olive, camouflage, lime. Green's got it going on; darker tones for winter and brighter tones for Summer.
These jeans are a very unusual tone. I would say olive with a hint of yellow and the cropped length is great for the waves of unbearable heat we're finally getting in this London Summer.

The colour of the jeans itself elevate them from casual, but to really smarten them up, I threw on my Zara polka-dot blouse which I love because monochrome is never out of fashion.  The silky material adds a sophistication to the outfit and a peek-a-bo slit down the top middle of the back teamed with the mini collar add a cute, feminine touch.

To keep this outfit suitable for running errands and comfortable I wore my H&M black suedette pointed-toe pumps and Topshop cross shoulder bag.


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