November Favs

Another month, and I have a month- load of favourite items that, if they could speak, would ask me if I'm not tired of wearing them. The answer: no, never. Well, not for now anyway! The following list of items got me through a November that definitely confirmed that Winter is here.
Wrap Around Coat
I cannot recommend this style of coat enough. If you don't know already, I usually prioritise whether something suits me over practicality. Luckily, this reversible grey/ beige coat is a great formal and evening piece which is warm, comfortable and smartens up an outfit, even if it's just jeans and a shirt.
As it's Winter, darker tones of lipstick don't seem so out of place, and I would like to think that nature influences fashion, and it's easy on the eye when fashion compliments nature. Sleek's lipstick in shade 'Smother' mimicks the deep rich purply tone of a night sky. Soft and nourishing on the lips it has a slight gloss that gives it a sultry feel.
Edgy and cool in combat green, which seems to be a statement colour for me recently (look here to see how I style green jeans), an oversized bag was something I had needed for a long time as not only does it fit the kitchen sink, it fits the whole world, which is usually what I have in my bag on a daily basis. The subtle worn two-toned effect makes it that bit original. It keeps shape even when full and can also be a great shopper bag.
You can never have too much costume jewellery, right? This silver coloured ring has enough pazazz to stand out and I feel I don't have to wear much else with it jewellery-wise to add a bit of understated bling to my outfits. Simple, classy but with a special touch of something different to spice up the design.
I also bought hoops at the same time for more casual occasions. When it comes to jewellery I find you have to find styles that suit you and stick to them, whether that be hoops, dangly earrings, studs, chunky rings, thin rings etc. These hoops have fine detailing making them that little bit more interesting, and have replaced my go-to hoops that I lost, as my most worn day-to-day earrings.


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