Forgotten Shops

We all have those shops we don't frequent very often or in fact forget about... that is until the sales start. Yes, I'm guilty of it. Those shops I would usually walk by in a jiffy suddenly seem worth popping into. 'Let's have a look in here... there might be something'. Something what exactly? Who knows. Maybe that hat with a Christmas bauble on top, or those shoes that are two sizes too big, or that bag that is still too expensive. Usually I'm sure the majority of us still end up walking back out empty-handed. But sometimes we can find the odd thing, though this is supa-dupa rare. So, I am going to list several stores I do not shop in very often but am pleasantly surprised when I do. ( Also, they have some great sales.)
1. Fat Face
For casual, quality clothes made mostly of natural materials Fat Face is a winner. I couldn't wear Fat Face everday as it's not my exact style but I love mixing a few of their bits into my wardrobe. I even bought a lovely pair of ankle wellies and some jewellery from them recently.
2. White Stuff
It is very similar to Fat Face in style. They have some amazing sales and include pieces that don't look like the rejects of last season but a good range that you would want to buy.
3. Paperchase
I loved Paperchase as a teenager and still do. If you are stationary-obsessed like I am, you will understand why I deliberately avoid visiting this shop too often. When I do, I find lovely gifts and things for myself as well!
4. Monsoon
Usually Monsoon is too mature in their cuts yet airy-fairy and girly with their beading and velvet and bright colours. However, now and again I am tempted to cross the threshold from their sister shop Accessorise and look at what they have to offer, occasionally finding the odd evening outfit.
5. Zara Home
If I could, I would shop in Zara Home every day, but the lack of necessity for homeware and the fact there are few shops around stops me. However, the latter is what also makes it ideal for finding beautiful items not everybody will have, still at high street prices.


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