Eating Out - The Rotisserie, Harrods

Harrods prides itself on an array of cafes and restaurants that span its main six floors (including the basement. The actual 6th floor is reserved for their most VIP clientele and a more luxuriously styled perfume room, the Salon de parfums which outstrips the rather opulent perfume hall on the ground floor). The Rotisserie is one of a handful of places you can find to eat in their food halls at entry level.
Theatrical and ornate the halls are the perfect backdrop to your dining experience. Like a cave of wonders, your senses are over-stimulated by the numerous deli counters and the restaurants, open to the rest of the floor, and drawing you in.The Rotisserie  sits around 30 - 40 people around its bar.
The menu was select. Some chicken options weren't available so I went for the lamb chops, with rice and seasonal vegetables. Simply presented, the vegetables on the side, were perfectly al dente and my well-done chops, succulent. The rice which can sometimes be a bland side accompaniment also held its own and I appreciated the sweetness of sultanas and apricot pieces against the lightly roasted flavour of the meat. The Rotisserie menu is evidently inspired by the fruity, savoury combination of Moroccan food but with a western twist.
The standard of food was easily met by the level of service. The lady who served us had worked there for 8 years and clearly had not lost her passion for the job. Not only did she do the minimum of introducing herself, notifying us of what had run out on the menu and checking on us after we had started eating, she made natural conversation here and there. The open bar style can be off putting with the tendency to feel rushed,  but here we sat comfortably for our meal. However, we did go on a Sunday and there was no queue.
I prefer enclosed or stand alone restaurants, but The Rotisserie was the ideal place to stop off for a recharge in the middle of a shopping trip.
(Vegetables not in picture)


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