Neutral Tones with a Bit of Sparkle

By chance, I have found myself picking up a few neutral pieces recently. Although I wasn't deliberately looking for them at the time, away from pops of colour, which I love, my wardrobe definitely does have a lot of neutral items.

I tend to veer from black and white outfits, as I find them boring. Although, for the right special occasion, or work, the classic combo can give a really slick, stunning look.
However, for day-to-day wear I've always preferred to throw in a bit of beige and grey, but grey more so for winter. I guess, now I think about it, I like that natural, organic material look.
I also picked up a simple tee in Mango.  I love the light, airy material, which makes it a bit more refined, and of course, the wording, as though handwritten across the top, is fun. Mango always seem to get their tees right and use simple but eye-catching prints.
The Mango's tie top has something a little unique with glittering, multi-coloured finishes to the hems and of course the glittering ties down what is actually the back of the top. It's quite girly and playful, and like none of the other trends I've seen on the High street recently.
Speaking of fun, I guess I was really in a playful mood as I picked up these gold-coloured earrings from Mango as well. They're an interesting alternative to hoops and add a bit of bling and cool edginess to a simple outfit.
Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, I have thrown in a knit, although it's summer. Considering, the stormy slash atrociously wet weather yesterday, let's be honest, knitted jackets/ cardi's are a versatile wardrobe staple. This medium weight one from Zara has unique double-breasted detailing and a hood.
Last but not least I can't get enough of these Urban Outfitters nail polishes. These muted yellow and green tones are gorgeous summer colours, and are a bit different to the norm. They're a lovely quality and work well on the toes as well as the fingers.


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