Partying with The Jacksons!!/ First Ever All Black Outfit

When The Jacksons come to town, you're bound to start not acting yourself, right? C'mon this is The Jacksons and I did a first for me, I wore an all black outfit.
I've never been the type to get hooked on celebrities. I never had posters on my wall growing up. I liked celebrities but was never in awe of them. However, if I've ever come close to taking on a fanatic attitude about anybody, it would be The Jacksons.
Concerts tend to bring out the hidden fanatic in me too - I love my music. So, seeing The Jackson's perform last week was an ultimate high point in my life. Usually quite calm and collected, I of course got my groove on at the The Jackson's party at the Greenwich Music Time festival, and found myself calling after the legends like a crazed lunatic.
Luckily, my lack of vocal ability was drowned out by the crowd as I sang along to all the classic hits and their new songs. The Jackson brothers epitomise what it means to be 'performers'. Their impeccable singing skills, dancing and ability to move a crowd emotionally and physically is matched by no other. It  runs through their veins! And yet in their 50th year performing it was obvious that these sensations remain humble.
For the special occasion I thought it only appropriate that I wore black like they often have done. As it was a sunny day and the concert was outdoors I teamed a flowy top with jodhpurs. Usually I wouldn't pair a loose top with loose bottoms but tucking in the top a bit gave it a jumpsuit look and gave the outfit a more shapely silhouette.
Knitted detailing on the top and the shimmer of the trousers elevated the outfit as well as a bit of bling on my sandals and blue accessories.
For once I didn't add a brighter colour and it was quite a nice change. It was much easier to put together a fully black outfit for this occasion and just depend on accessories for colour.
I think it looks suitably smart/ casual.
What's your favourite Jackson 5 tune? Mine is ABC.


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